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The Adventure Experience - Land of the Volcanos

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

In my first blog, I wrote about the experience of “BEING” visiting Glacier National Park. The experience of being alive. “BEING” is pure astonishment - When you're blown away and you see the immense power in observation and how minuscule you are in comparison to the observed. Raw Nature has this effect. Bajos del Toro has this impact. My friend Emmanuel Segura in Costa Rica just hit me with a shockwave of “BEING” on his recent hike in Bajos del toro area. Unfortunately, I am addicted to “BEING,” my thoughts chasing it. Endgame Adventures went on a hike in that area last Summer. I want to share and offer you the same experience.

If you are looking for an authentic transformative moment, consider Bajos del Toros. Only ninety minutes from the capital, San Jose, it is the very definition of "off the beaten path." It's hiding in plain sight. It's not the type of place where you have to wait your turn to get a view of that special waterfall. If you choose to travel with Endgame Adventures you get that rare opportunity to embrace a pristine waterfall, pure mountain streams, and epic forests without feeling like a tourist. We are reaching for moments where you feel restored but that feeling is amplified because of the restoration that you bring to Bajos del Toro. The choice to travel to Bajo del Toro has maximum benefits. You gave another popular locale a vital rest from the punishing effects of over-tourism; the noise, the landscape degradation, locals being pushed out by the crowds. You are spending time with Bajo del Toro's community where you can truly become connected with the locals, the travel team, and nature. The result is well being for all - travelers, locals, nature. Experiencing "Being" is healed and healing. It's a feeling worth protecting. How will these experiences be revealed for us in Bajos del Toro?

The hike in with your travel team - Surrounded by clouds and the stunning green of the cloud forest. Click on the link to see Itinerary Bajos del Toro Volcano Expedition

When you stumble across a lonely horse.

Lunch at the base of Catarata Tesoro Escondido (Hidden Treasure waterfall)

The courage to plunge into the clear blue waters of an inactive volcano crater.

Hiking safely an into an active Volcano. Poas, one of the best in its class - worldwide, whose crater is filled with turquoise water.

Cook like a Costa Rican experiencing the raw flavors of the area. Classic, evolving Rob Biasotti pre endgame adventures. Trying to be a local 2008

End your day with Yin Yoga where you melt into the fresh air and the sounds of the forest or the ocean (Every biosphere is close in Costa) in your ear.

The experience of fun Spanish lessons. You are a local?

Legend has it that God dipped his paintbrush in the waters of this area and painted the sky.

Contact Rob Biasotti if you want to feel alive.

Click on the link to see Itinerary Bajos del Toro Volcano Expedition

See a decades worth of BEING in the Adventure Scrapbook

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