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I attended the Endgame Adventures trip in Key West. From community service to strategic thinking to ocean adventure, Endgame incorporated it all. The best part? The Endgame team. Thank you to Rob and Hunter for your professionalism and ensuring that everyone had an amazing time. I cannot wait to participate in the next Endgame Adventures trip!

Lauren Dondi - Adventure Traveler Summer 2013

I won’t ever forget that experience, Rob made it so much fun. I'll never forget him. I'll try and come on another Endgame Adventure with you in the future!  Andres Gallo - Adventure Traveler Summer 2018

She had a wonderful time and has been raving about Mr. B and this experience to all who will listen. Thank you for giving her this life opportunity that I am sure will always bring her special memories Cindy Skidmore - Parent Summer 2010

We have had the privilege of working with Rob Biasotti for almost 5 years.  His role in our son's life, and invaluable contribution to helping our son achieve one of his goals of playing football in college, can not be stressed enough.Rob is a professional, first and foremost.  Within that professional realm, he finds the right way to motivate, encourage, and develop his clients. He quickly earned the respect of our son, and us, by being accountable and results oriented in his training methods.   We hope Rob will continue to be such a positive influence in our son's life and help train him to go as far as he dreams! If anyone can, it is Rob! Anne Northcutt - Parent

THANK YOU Rob, Christy and Lori for making this trip a reality! A forever memory and one I know my daughter will always cherish.
Gina Jenkins - Parent Spring Break 2011

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Coach Biasotti. He has a great way about him that allows him to challenge people to be the best, while making it fun, yet intense. Coach B’s impact lasts much longer than just the formative years in high school. The lessons I learned from him in the classroom, on the basketball court and in the gym were invaluable. As a leader of Marines I could not have asked for a better guide to show me what 'right' looks like and what it means to lead by example. The most valuable thing successful people can give you is their time. I feel very fortunate that Coach B made it a point to share some of his time with me. I'm better for it.  First Lieutenant Alexander E. Puente - Infantry Officer United States Marine Corps

I chose to come on an Endgame Adventure trip because I’m  the type of person who never put herself out there. My routine every single day is the same old same old.  Samegroup of friends and this trip this six or seven days has really given me an opportunity to come out here and go on an adventure.  Its a culture shock and I know when you think of culture shock you probably think of it in a negative way. But for me, it was in a positive way. Different language, new foods, different atmosphere.  Everything was really great and I really enjoyed it.I would definitely recommend and bring my friends along on this adventure because it gives you the opportunity to be yourself." Ally Carrabes -Spring Trip 2014 - Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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