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What is the payment schedule for an Endgame Adventures trip?


A 50% non-refundable deposit is due 60 days before the departure date.  The remaining 50% of the trip cost is due 30 days before the departure date and is also non-refundable.  We accept payment through PayPal. 

How do travelers benefit from the Endgame Adventures experience?


We think the most beautiful thing about the Endgame Adventures experience is that it leaves participants speechless.  You share the struggles and accomplishments of everyone on the adventure.  It makes you believe that things you thought were impossible are within your grasp.  You help your fellow travelers and accept their help in return.  Raw nature heals the soul and you see who you really are with no judgement.  Not to mention the perspective shift that occurs through the exposures to different cultures, languages, and cuisines.  You get a feel for how other people live and what makes them happy.  Your experience on an Endgame Adventures trip never leaves you and shapes your entire life.  Don't take our word for it, visit our testimonial page and read what our previous travelers have to say.

Is Costa Rica or the other countries Endgame Adventures travel to safe?


As you browse our website and look at our media it is obvious we do a fair amount of travel to Costa Rica and experience the environment and the activities that the country has to offer.  Participant security is our primary concern.  Our experience is that the country is not only tourist friendly, but a fair part of their economy is dependent on tourism. It's eco-diversity and distinct cultural friendliness are the reasons why we have been there so many times.  However, we follow two important rules.  We have an itinerary and we always stay together as a group or in groups of more than one.  We also ask our participants to listen and follow the instructions of our guides or the people giving us instructions on the various adventure activities we engage in.  These are principles we live by on our trips and expect from our participants. Our local business partners travel with us for additional cultural and geographic awareness.  In terms of any guarantees of safety.  We can't give one.  Adventure travel by its very nature is often more risky than other forms of travel.  There is no guarantee of safety when you leave the United States and travel to any foreign country.


What are the rules and supervision on an Endgame Adventures trip for minors?


Participants and parents are expected to understand that the spirit of adventure is the core of what we do. Our travelers should recognize that they are seeking an authentic experience that will lead to self-discovery.  This is not a party. There is no place for alcohol or drugs. Our programs have traditionally been co-ed and we strongly require that participants leave romance at home.  We have basic rules regarding behavior in our waiver and and we demand that the participants adhere to the curfew and stay in their gender specific accommodations after curfew.  Our adventure supervisors attempt to be  present throughout the experience. However, this is often impossible and we count on participants to take ownership of the mission of Endgame Adventures.  We ask parents to understand that we are not capable of 24/7 supervision.  Learning how to use good judgement is part of the adventure and learning experience.

Is there any advice you can give someone traveling internationally with Endgame Adventures?


  • Make sure you have a signed, valid passport, and a visa, if required, and fill in the emergency information page of your passport.

  • Turn off your roaming and cellular data on your phone as you board the plane on the departure date.  It's no fun coming home to a $500 to $1000 dollar phone bill because you forgot to do this.

  • Leave copies of your itinerary, passport data page and visas with family or friends, so you can be contacted in case of an emergency.


How much money should my child take on the trip?


Most of our trips are all inclusive.  Please check the trip details.  As a general rule, participants need money for food during travel days and money for buying souvenirs while on the adventure.  This is a parental preference but generally speaking most participants bring between $100 and $200 dollars.


Should I purchase travelers insurance?


Yes! We strongly recommend it.  Adventure travel is a significant investment and we believe that it is one you should protect. Additionally, some of the areas we travel to are remote and we never want to worry about the cost of medical travel or medical bills in a foreign country.  We strongly encourage it.  However, we can't make any recommendations as far as what company to use, policy type, the amount of coverage, etc.  We typically use AIG Travel Guard.   


Where does Endgame Adventures travel to?


*Santa Teresa, Costa Rica  *Jaco, Costa Rica  *Nosara, Costa Rica  *Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica  

*Monteverde, Costa Rica, *Bajos Del Toro, Costa Rica, *Dominical, Costa Rica, *Cabo Matapalo, Costa Rica

*Key West, Florida

*Fernie, British Columbia  

*Death Valley, California

*Havasu Falls, Arizona

*White Mountain, New Hampshire

*Rome, Italy  *Florence, Italy  *Munich, Germany  *Paris, France  *Cardiff, Wales





*Czech Republic

What level of surfer/snowboarder do I have to be to come on an adventure? 


​We welcome all levels! From beginner to expert, weather it's sticking a new trick or working on your style or simply learning how to make it down the mountain, we have the instructors for you.  

If you don't see your question addressed below, please contact us and we'd be happy to help!

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